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We encourage everyone to participate in a small group Bible study. Getting involved in a Bible study provides you with an opportunity to discuss and ask questions while studying scripture in depth. You will pray for one another and form close, personal relationships with others as you study God's word.

Young Adult and Families


1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

(Child care is provided)

Location: The Door 

49 Third Avenue, CV, 91910

Contact: Raysan Benito

Bible Studies

Men's & Women's 

@ 6:30 pm 

Location: The Door 
49 Third Avenue, CV, 91910

Contact: The Martins

Paradise Hills

Friday @ 7:00 pm 
Location: Paradise Hills

Contact: Tony Ceballos for the address

North Chula Vista and Zoom

Fridays @6:00 pm 
(Starting 930/22)

Location: The Door 49 Third Avenue, CV, 91910 and Zoom

Contact: Russel Walker
for the Zoom Link

South Chula Vista

Friday @ 7:00 pm 
Location: Joiner Residence

Contact: Jim Joiner for the address


Estudio De Biblia

Jueves 6:30 PM

Lugar: La Puerta

49 Third Ave. CV 91910

Contacto: Eric Martin

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